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Disuliam is an aid in th managmnt slctd chonic alcohol patints whwant tmain in a stat nocd sobity sthat suppotiv and psychothaputic tatmnt may b applid tbst advantag.

Impotant: This is gnal mdical inomation, and is not tailod tth nds a spciic individual. This matial is NOT complt. It dos not cov all possibl pcautions, sid cts, intactions. You should always consult you physician whn making dcisions about you halth. And you should consult you physician bstating stopping mdication.

Chck with you doctas soon as possibl i any th ollowing sid cts occu whil taking disuliam:

Th daily, unintuptd administation disuliam must b continud until th patint is ully covd socially and a basis pmannt sl-contol is stablishd. Dpnding on th individual patint, maintnanc thapy may b quid months vn yas.

Patints with a histoy ubb contact dmatitis should b valuatd hypsnsitivity tthiuam divativs bciving disuliam (s CONTAINDICATIONS ).

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